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#1. Getting data from a cell is located in different sheet is known as?

#2. Comments can be added to cells by using ?

#3. Excel workbook is a collection of

#4. Which chart is created in excel ?

#5. How the long text is broken down into many lines ?

#6. Ms – excel value is used in a formula that does not change ?

#7. Palette formula is used for.

#8. How to display current time in excel?

#9. In ms excel you insert labels for

#10. Which menu is used for open the highlight changes ?

#11. EXCEL formula starts with:—–

#12. Which numeric value is treated as label value if it precedes ?

#13. Following which formulas of excel starts ?

#14. How to change the automatic or manual mode of calculation?

#15. Which command is used to remove the selected cells ?

#16. Microsoft excel is powerful for?

#17. Which command is use to convert the data of column into row ?

#18. How the main document is merged with the data source in Excel ?

#19. Which of the following option is available in paste special dialog box?

#20. Which is not the function of “edit , clear” command?

#21. Shortcut key Ctrl + R is used for?

#22. How the data is rearranged in ascending or descending order?

#23. Which components are not turned on or off in Excel?

#24. Which function is use to create a data table ?

#25. How the borders are being removed from the cell ?

#26. Which function does not exist from the consolidate dialog box?

#27. Which cell pointer helps you to make selection?

#28. Which statement is invalid ?

#29. What is workspace?

#30. Can we set a page border in Excel?

#31. What is the default value for step in fill series dialog box ?

#32. Which of the following is not a sheet in a workbook ?

#33. Is not a correct method of editing a cell ?

#34. How the formula cell’s values are updated if auto calculated mode is disabled?

#35. Which function is used to return the reminder after a number is divided by a divisor ?

#36. What is the short key for the fill down in the selection in ms excel ?

#37. Which tool button is used for doing a sum of a large range of data ?

#38. Edit&delete command is used for ?

#39. Comments put in cells are ?

#40. How the against conditions are checked when the applied conditions are being formatted ?

#41. Where the tab scroll button is being placed?

#42. How the previous cell is activated when range is selected ?

#43. Shortcut key Cntrl + R is used for

#44. Which following series type is not valid for fill series dialog box ?

#45. Which function is used to analaysing the performance?

#46. What is 3-D reference formula used in MS-Excel?

#47. MS-Excel is based on ?

#48. ———return the least common multiple.

#49. Which cell pointer helps you to fill the series ?

#50. Shortcut command for selecting entire column ?


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