Shortcut KeysDescription
Cltr+ASelect All
Cltr+BBold the Text
Cltr+CCopy the Text
Cltr+DOpen Font Reference window
Cltr+EAlign the text at the center of the screen
Cltr+FOpen Find box
Cltr+GOpen Goto Box
Cltr+HUsed to find and open box
Cltr+IItalic highlighted text
Cltr+JJustify the screen
Cltr+KInsert Hyperlink
Cltr+LAlign the text to the left
Cltr+MIndent the paragraph
Cltr+QRemove the previous formatting
Cltr+RAlign the text to the right
Cltr+TCreate a hanging indent
Cltr+UUnderline the selected text
Cltr+VPaste the content
Cltr+W Close the window
Cltr+XCut the selected text
Cltr+YRedo the last action performed
Cltr+ZUndo last action
F1For Help
F2Rename the file
F4Repeat last action performed
F5Open Find , Replace, Goto window
F7Spell check and Grammer check
F12Save us
Ctrl +1 Single line space
Ctrl+2 Double Line Space
Ctrl+5 1.5 line space`
ctrl +F2Print Preview
Ctrl+[Decrease font
Ctrl+]Increase font
Shift+Alt+DInsert Date
Shift +Alt +TInsert Time
HomeMove to the begining of the line
End Move to the End of the line
Ctrl+HomeMove to the Begining of the Paragraph
Ctrl+EndMove to the End of the Paragraph
Ctrl+ Left ArrowMove one word to the left
Ctrl +Right ArrowMove one word to the right
Ctrl+UPMove one paragraph up
Ctrl +DownMove one paragraph down
Ctrl+ Shift +AChange text to the uppercase
Ctrl+Shift +KChange text to the lowercase
Ctrl +Enter Page Break
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